Choose to be enough

Choosing to accept that YOU are enough is one of the most liberating, exciting and powerful choices you will ever make.  It took me almost 40 years to make this choice and when I did, I had a sense of calm I had never experienced before.  The time and energy I’d been spending on living up to what I believed were the expectations of others, was to become a thing of the past.  Always aiming for some un-reachable goal and recognition that would somehow brand me with “good enough”, that would see me achieving the words “I’m proud of you” from someone who would make me complete.

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Letting go of this way of thinking, of this habit that kept me stuck, took work and effort and most importantly, it took making a choice; a choice to ask myself a tough question “What do I get out of this habit?  What’s in it for me that keeps me coming back for more of the same?”  If I accept that “I am enough” does this somehow remove a part of my life that feeds a need in me?  Do I get something out of staying put, of being less than I can be?  Perhaps it is my chance to say “See, I told you so.  I told you I wasn’t good enough”

If we accept that this constant attempt to be more than we are is indeed a choice, then we can change that choice.  We can make now the time that we stop with this pattern of negative, non-serving behaviour and create a new mantra for ourselves.  We can proudly accept that, “I am enough”.  Getting butterflies at the thought?  That’s great news!  Use that excitement and sense of anticipation and embrace the chance to  make a new choice.

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