Are you ready to receive?

ready to receive

In the spirit of giving, that so many women find themselves adopting naturally, it can be difficult to receive.  To accept that you deserve too.  Receiving does not have to be selfish or self-centred, although we often put our own desires and needs at the bottom of our agenda and focus on “more important things”.

I’ve always enjoyed giving; from a young age I was more excited about other people’s birthdays than my own and would get really upset if someone did not love a gift I game them.  Few things in life make me more content that knowing something I’ve done for someone else has made a difference.  It has taken me a long time to see that I can receive without somehow being a hypocrite.  And more importantly, that I deserve to receive too.

Getting comfortable with the idea of receiving requires the learning of a new habit.  Here are my top tips for getting ready to receive:

1. One small gift…  Start small, it will feel manageable and you’ll see results that encourage you to continue.  So, start with asking for one small gift, from someone close to you – a friend or family member.  Let them know you’d really love to have something from them; I started by letting my husband, John, know that I would love him to take me to a movie.

2. Get visual… At the top of this blog is a quote that inspires me to look at receiving in a new way.  Find a quote or image that motivates you to stay connected with the idea of receiving.

3. Repeat after me…  “I’m worth it” “I deserve  to receive” “I am ready to receive”  all these phrases are a great way to re-connect in moments of doubt.  Yes, you may feel slightly daft talking to yourself, but go on- you do deserve to receive.

Are you ready to receive?  How do you prepare to receive?  I’d love to hear your thoughts

Dinah x

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