What is a Celebrant?

As a trained, independent Celebrant, I am here to help you when you want to celebrate the love you have for a partner, child, relative or friend at a time of celebration.

You might be celebrating a commitment to each other by wanting to have a ceremony with friends to make vows about your love;


you might be celebrating a child joining your family, whether through your marriage, adoption or fostering and by celebrating giving them your family name, we give them a new place to belong;



or you will want to celebrate the life of someone you’ve lost, by bringing friends together to remember them with words of joy and a life-time shared.


As a trained Celebrant, I work with you at a time that can be emotionally challenging; filled with joy and anxiety at the same time, and a determined desire to create a celebration that reflects who you are, or who someone important was to you and those that loved them.

If you have something to celebrate and want to talk about how I can help, please give me a call on 01550 721 266.  I look forward to hearing from you.