Dinah Liversidge – Celebrant

I love being a Professional Celebrant – helping people celebrate those who are  key to their happiness and joy of life.

vhh0%QXrTEihvaQVPFAtEA_thumb_496bI am Dinah, ‘The Myddfai Celebrant’, I create unique vow and relationship renewals, non-traditional weddings and life celebrations. Whether here, in our Myddfai woodland, or in a special place of your choice, I write and deliver ceremonies to celebrate the love of your life. I travel world-wide.

What is an Independent Celebrant?

Association of Independent Celebrants

I am a trained Independent Celebrant, helping people at key times in their lives, to create a bespoke celebration that reflects their wishes, dreams and memories.  Whether saying goodbye to a loved one with a non-traditional service, or celebrating the joining of two families to create a new one, I help families find the words to say what is important to them at the right time.

  • As a trained, Independent Celebrant, I can carry out unique ceremonies for anyone who does not want a traditional or singular-religious ceremony.
  • I am happy to include reference to any faith, or none.
  • I can hold the ceremony anywhere (with permission of course) and there are no limitations on what we can and cannot include.
  • At this time, in England and Wales, a Celebrant can not legally marry you. A Registrar or minister of your faith is required for the legal ceremony.

As a Celebrant, I offer the following types of service:

Relationship Celebrations

  • vow renewals
  • non-traditional wedding celebrations
  • anniversary celebrations
  • defining-moment celebrations (often after recovery from illness or life challenge)

Life Celebrations –

  • non-traditional funerals,
  • cremation services,
  • remembrance services
  • anniversary gatherings

Pet Celebrations

Helping you honour your beloved companions with unique pet memorial services. A lasting memorial and a ceremony to help you remember your pet and what they meant to you all.

Get in touch

As an Independent Celebrant there are no restrictions to what I can include in a service for you, and I am happy to talk about what feels right. 
Let’s start with a conversation – please give me a call on 01550 721 266.


Dinah Liversidge,
Independent Celebrant

Committee Member of Association of Independent Celebrants