Your wedding Your way

Your wedding should be the best day of your life, exactly the way you imagine it and being a Celebrant means I can help people create the wedding of their dreams.  Whether you’ve always wanted to say “You better believe I do” under the stars in an ancient woodland, fancied a traditional Pagan celebration, including hand fasting or you’re the adventurous type and can think of nothing that says “I want to love you for a life-time” like jumping out of a plane, we can work on bringing it to life.

celebrant bride in wellies

As a celebrant, I work with you to help create the ceremony that you want, as part of your day.  We’ll create a bespoke service, that is all about your vision for your day.  I’m trained to carry out many traditional customs, including hand-fasting, jumping the broom and sand pouring.  We can also create a bespoke service for your day, one that is totally unique.


I’d love to hear your dreams for your day, and help create a ceremony that surpasses your expectations.  The words you exchange and share with your friends and family will be part of your memories for all your years together, so let’s work together to make sure they are you.

My fees for wedding / partnership celebrations are as follows:

Small Is Beautiful wedding package – £375 plus travel

Anything-But-Standard wedding package – £575 (plus travel costs)

All those bells and whistles, and then some package – £875 (plus travel costs)

Call me now on 01550 721 266 to discuss which package works for your needs and your day.