Choose friendship

We take many things in our lives for granted, from the roof over our heads to the weekends relaxing with friends and loved ones.  Choosing to give time to our friendships can feel self-indulgent.  All too often I hear people say “I haven’t seen them for ages – life just gets in the way.”  ItContinue reading “Choose friendship”

Choosing Accountability

Making choices and sticking to them takes commitment.  It is so easy to doubt ourselves and talk ourselves out of choices as we listen to those old voices inside, telling us we can’t or we won’t.  A great way to stick to our choices is to get accountability for them.  An accountability buddy that weContinue reading “Choosing Accountability”

What if my choice impacts you?

Sometimes the choices we make will appear to impact other people in a way we are uncomfortable with; indeed our fear of upsetting them can prevent us from making the choice at all.  When we remember that it is their choice how it impacts them, we give ourselves permission to make choices without that burden.Continue reading “What if my choice impacts you?”

Your focus – your choice

Is your glass half full or half empty? Mine is overflowing! I choose to focus on the positive aspects of my life and this allows me to have a positive outlook. I am not in denial about the challenges I face, I just make a choice that they will not be my focus. Am IContinue reading “Your focus – your choice”

Choose YOU

Putting others first is a behaviour we are told is a positive one from a very early age.  Learning to share, and to give the best bit of cake at tea to your visitors was seen as good manners in my house.  Choosing to give up our seat on the bus to someone in greaterContinue reading “Choose YOU”

Choose it or lose it!

I am driven by dreams; language that has more meaning for me than goals or objectives.  I choose to set big dreams for myself, with lots of little day-dreams along the way to mark achievement and points of interest along the route.  I spend a good deal of time thinking about these dreams and focussing onContinue reading “Choose it or lose it!”

Seeing Choices

This Sunday I would like to share a remarkable example of how making choices about our lives can have huge impact.  Choice about what we believe, what society lables us with and what our personal belief system can achieve are all beautifully demonstrated in this TED Talk from the fabulous Caroline Casey. Choose a wonder-filledContinue reading “Seeing Choices”

Choose to get uncomfortable

I watched in awe last night, as we saw the highlights of the many celebrity challenges for this year’s Sport Relief. The show raised £50million on the night – an all time record, all the more remarkable in these challenging financial times. What struck me the most was the remarkable challenges the celebrities chose toContinue reading “Choose to get uncomfortable”

Stand by your choices

The choices we make for ourselves are not always going to appeal to others. There may be times when people don’t understand or approve of the choices we make. Friends and family may question us on our choice and attempt to convince us that the choice we are making is the wrong one. Perhaps theyContinue reading “Stand by your choices”

Choosing positive thought

Choosing to think positively is not going to make all your problems disappear overnight; however, it is going to make a huge, positive difference to how you deal with, challenge, accept or fight these challenges and, as a result and with persistence, a more positive outcome. Sound like mumbo-jumbo?  All that “the Universe will deliver”Continue reading “Choosing positive thought”