Choose to learn

When did you last learn something new?  Not just a new idea that you overheard in good conversation, but real learning of a new skill or learning how to become great at something you’re good at?  This week, I am choosing to spend two days on a Social Media programme – learning new skills andContinue reading “Choose to learn”

Choose to enjoy your four day week

We just had a lovely long weekend in the UK.  Fabulously relaxing and four days of time for ourselves.  Feeling refreshed?  This time, choose to continue with that feeling; rather than returning to work today and fretting about how much you now have to do in a four day week – enjoy it.  Allow allContinue reading “Choose to enjoy your four day week”

My Hero of Choice

My blog today is inspired by my husband, John. It is our 24th Wedding Anniversary today.  John is my Hero.  As we celebrate 24 years of marriage today, I am in awe of the choices we have taken  – together; the challenges we have risen to and the support we have been to each other.  HisContinue reading “My Hero of Choice”

Choose to re-connect

When you’ve left it a long time it can be hard to pick up the phone and say “hello” to an old friend.  Today, choose to make the first move, to re-connect with that friend  you’re missing.  It can be scary and your heart rate might increase at the thought – and I can imagine theContinue reading “Choose to re-connect”

Choose less – enjoy more

I felt slighlty sick as I watched the trolleys in my local supermarket yesterday; had someone forgotten to tell me of some major crisis?  Had I missed my chance to supply my family by not grabbing every last morsel off the shelves?  Would we be destined to starve?  Luckily, it was simply the long weekendContinue reading “Choose less – enjoy more”

Challenge your choices

“I made my choice and I’m sticking with it” a sentiment that seems determined and brave; however, there are times when sticking with a choice we have made does not serve us.  Taking a review and challenging the choices we have made can lead to new, exciting possibilities. It can be tempting to think ofContinue reading “Challenge your choices”

Choose to do it!

How often do you hear people talking about great ideas and then talking some more and some more…. Making a choice to take action is what creates results and turns great ideas into reality.  Making choices can be the stumbling block that prevents so many great ideas from reaching their potential.  So often they areContinue reading “Choose to do it!”

Choose a positive “NO”

Saying “no” to people can feel uncomfortable – or even impossible, largely because we see it as a negative response.  We can choose to see it as a positive when we look at it from a different perspective.  It is a choice and one we can make more easily when we understand that a “no” canContinue reading “Choose a positive “NO””

Choose a magnificent Monday

Each new week brings opportunity and new choices. How we approach the choices and challenges depends on our attitude and we can choose this too. This week, despite a challenge with my health, I am choosing a magnificent Monday. There will always be things in our lives that are less than perfect, things that challengeContinue reading “Choose a magnificent Monday”

Choose no limits

Another Sunday video for you today about choices and how we can choose to live a life of no limits, whatever others tell us they might be.  I watch this when I have a day where walking is just that bit too painful, or when I am overwhelmed by the effort required.  It soon helps me choose aContinue reading “Choose no limits”