Pet Life Celebration

I have always had pets in my life, and I don’t think I have ever felt a more unconditional love. My life has been enriched by their companionship and affection. They will always hold a special place in my heart. It is my pleasure to help you create a pet life celebration for your beloved animal friend.

pet life celebration

As a Celebrant, I write and conduct bespoke ceremonies to help you say goodbye to your pets and to remember them in a way that shows how important they were to you. Whether you would like a private ceremony at your home, or at a place that was important  to you and your pet. We can organise a unique pet life celebration to honour and remember them,.

All pet life ceremonies are bespoke and written by me. We can make a permanent tribute, planting a tree in their memory, naming a star after them or even arranging for a handmade plaque or memorial statue.

I can help you create a private pet life celebration to mark their passing, or to remember them on an anniversary. We can work together to find the right words to show how important they were to you and how much joy they added to your life.

I would love to help you remember your companion and friend in a special way, so do get in touch and we can talk about how you would like to remember them. My fees for a pet life celebration start at £150.

call me on 01550 721266


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