Celebrate your commitment

When you’ve been together so long that you’re finishing each other’s sentences, when you can communicate without the need for words, when you still look at one another with a twinkle in your eyes, then that’s worth celebrating.

When your relationship has survived a roller-coaster, challenges thrown in your path by life, un-planned but overcome, you want to acknowledge it.  You want to shout it from the roof-tops and celebrate, “Look what we did. Life shook us up, and we’re stronger than ever.”  That’s when it’s time to celebrate.  Celebrate your commitment and love for each other.


As a Celebrant, I am proud to have been in a wonderful relationship for over 30 years, with a partner who has helped me thrive despite life’s best efforts to thwart our plans. And as a Celebrant, I’d love to help you to celebrate your love for each other, with a celebration with those you love, to re-affirm your commitment to each other, in a way that feels right to you.

A renewal, or re-commitment is not a legal ceremony, but rather a public affirmation of the love you have for each other in your partnership.  The celebration can almost any form you can imagine, and with a little creativity, we’ll work together to create a celebration fit for your love and commitment to each other.

I offer three packages for a Celebration of your Commitment:

Small but perfectly formed: £280 (plus travel costs)
We will meet for an hour to talk about you and allow me to get to know enough about you to write a script for your celebration ceremony that reflects who you are, your love and commitment to each other and your journey to now, together. I will ask you to complete some personal information for me, to help me prepare the script and you will write your own vows, or commitments. We will confirm all details of the script seven days before your celebration.  I will attend your celebration event, and carry out the celebration ceremony. I will provide you with a copy of the full script, for you to keep, after the event.

Let’s throw a serious party: £365 (plus travel costs)
As above, plus:
We will meet on two occasions prior to your celebration, in addition to learning about you both, we can decide the form you want your celebration ceremony to take, I will share traditional ideas such as hand fasting, jumping the broom and sand pouring (one of these will be included in the cost and each additional element is an additional £80), and we can talk about ideas you have to make your ceremony unique.  You can include sections in the ceremony for friends or family to contribute. I will help you with the writing of your vows, with up to three amendments.  I will confirm all details with you, as above, seven days before the event, and I will attend and carry out your celebration ceremony.  I will provide you with a copy of the full script, for you to keep, after the event.  Should you choose to include any of the traditional ideas we discuss, the props used will also be yours to keep.

Totally bespoke celebration, with event management  from £695
All of the above, and in addition, the services of my PA, to send invitations, monitor responses, let your guests know about local accommodation, make sure everyone has the right food and even help you find the right photographer.  We’ll start with a conversation to find out exactly what you need from us to create the celebration you’re hoping for, and then we’ll provide you with a confirmed price.

Contact me today to talk about how you’d like to celebrate. Click this link, and use the “send message” tab to get my attention. Or give me a call on 01550 721 266 and let’s set a date.