My Hero of Choice

My blog today is inspired by my husband, John. It is our 24th Wedding Anniversary today.  John is my Hero.  As we celebrate 24 years of marriage today, I am in awe of the choices we have taken  – together; the challenges we have risen to and the support we have been to each other.  His choices, to stand by me through some truly testing times make him my Hero of Choice.

John knew when we met (I was 16 he was 17) that I had physical challenges that could become a larger part of our lives.  He knew there would be difficult times – and choices – ahead.  He chose to make a commitment to me and to bring his positive, practical “there is always a way” attitude with him.  Thank goodness!  During the years together we have faced many tough choices – from whether to attempt to have children to whether to believe I would not walk again.  Choices that were often painful – emotionally and physically.  Choices that impacted so many aspects of our lives and the lives of those we loved.  Without John there to support and re-enforce the choices we made together – well, that is something I choose not to imagine!

I am so blessed that the choices John has made in his life include me; thank you John – you are my Hero of Choice.

Have a wonderful Monday

Dinah 🙂

Choose to re-connect

When you’ve left it a long time it can be hard to pick up the phone and say “hello” to an old friend.  Today, choose to make the first move, to re-connect with that friend  you’re missing.  It can be scary and your heart rate might increase at the thought – and I can imagine the little voice in your head giving you lots of reasons why this is not a good idea.  Trust me, re-connecting with a friend, even when logic (and everyone around you) tells you you’ve left it too long, is a fabulous choice.  This amazing story of re-connection makes the point beautifully.  Choose to re-connect this Sunday.

Choose less – enjoy more

I felt slighlty sick as I watched the trolleys in my local supermarket yesterday; had someone forgotten to tell me of some major crisis?  Had I missed my chance to supply my family by not grabbing every last morsel off the shelves?  Would we be destined to starve?  Luckily, it was simply the long weekend and there was no reason to panic.

The amount of food people purchased, for a long weekend – just four days – struck me as a rather disturbing choice.  We have been aware of the amount of food waste that is created by over-purchasing in the UK and make a conscious effort to eat what we buy.  The choice to fill a trolley to the brim, to purchase food that is unlikely to see the light of day strikes me as a sad reflection on society.

This long weekend, I choose to buy less and enjoy more.  To spend more time in the garden and with my family,  to spend more time enjoying a good book and the wonderful sunshine.    I choose to look at my watch less and enjoy every minute of the day.  I choose to worry less about the cleanliness of the floor and enjoy the dogs bounding in and out with their toys. I can choose less and enjoy more.

Enjoy your long weekend,

Dinah 🙂

Choose what you see

Starting each day by looking in the mirror as we get ready to face the world, can be a negative experience – if we choose to let it be.  We can choose to look at the bits that frustrate or depress us or we can choose to see what others see.  When our friends or partners tell us we are looking fabulous, they are being sincere, we just choose not to believe them.

Today I choose to wear a bright red lipstick – very racy!  I have never worn it before, despite buying it almost six months ago.  My husband has often told me he would love me to wear red lippy, that it would look stunning on me.  Today, I choose to agree with him.  Today I choose to see what he sees – and to be honest, I rather like it!

Today, choosing to see what he sees, I find a vivacious, confident woman looking back at me in the mirror.  A woman who is proud of her years and celebrating her lines and her curves.  Today I choose to see what John sees and I feel great.

What will you choose to see today?

Have a wonderful Friday,

Dinah 🙂

Challenge your choices

“I made my choice and I’m sticking with it” a sentiment that seems determined and brave; however, there are times when sticking with a choice we have made does not serve us.  Taking a review and challenging the choices we have made can lead to new, exciting possibilities.

It can be tempting to think of this as giving up, or quitting.  That is not the type of review I am talking about!  When we make a choice and it is not serving us, we are not quitting – far from it; we are making a new and brave choice to look at how to change something.  Change that will be positive for ourselves.

Last year I made a choice to deliver a series of workshops with a collaboration partner.  I loved delivering training with another person, so rewarding.  And so tiring!  I had not considered the physical impact that a whole day on my feet really has on me.  So at the end of last year, I challenged this choice.  I made a new choice, to stop presenting workshops.  A choice to be kinder to me.  A good choice.

Challenge your choices and see how well they are serving you.  Start with that choice you made to work over this long weekend – are you sure that choice is the right one?

Have a fabulous day

Dinah 🙂

Choose to do it!

How often do you hear people talking about great ideas and then talking some more and some more…. Making a choice to take action is what creates results and turns great ideas into reality.  Making choices can be the stumbling block that prevents so many great ideas from reaching their potential.  So often they are prevented by our fears of failure or even fears of success.  Making choices to action ideas requires determination, commitment and being a bit brave!

This week, a group of five boys – Mattie, Ethan, Reuben, Jacob and Joel ( and their Mum, Ruth) – made a choice about a great idea they’d had.  They love to bake with their mum and also to forrage for wild ingredients and grow their own too.  They had a great idea, to start a blog where they could share their experiences and love of cooking and food with other kids of their age.  A blog by kids, for kids.  And it’s brilliant!  They launched yesterday and you can see their fab recipe for Granola here.

They made a choice, a choice to take that idea and do something about it.  A brave and public choice that required effort and commitment.  I find it inspirational.  Five Boys Bake is a great idea and deserves our support because they made a choice and took action.  Congratulations on a great blog boys, I love your choice.

Have a wonderful day

Dinah :o)

Choose a positive “NO”

Saying “no” to people can feel uncomfortable – or even impossible, largely because we see it as a negative response.  We can choose to see it as a positive when we look at it from a different perspective.  It is a choice and one we can make more easily when we understand that a “no” can be a “yes” for  ourselves.

What really prevents you from saying “no” when you want to?  What makes you take the choice to say “yes” when you know it is the wrong answer for YOU?  You do!  You make the choice every time, fulled by the voice in your head telling you “they won’t be my friend anymore if I say no” or “they won’t want me on the team if I say no”.  So how’s it going for you – listening to that little voice and taking on more and more?  Serving you well? I thought not.

So today, make a choice to say  “no” to something and “yes” to yourself.  Choose to be brave and honest and stand up for the most importat person in your world – YOU.  It’s a strange feeling, and one you will grow to enjoy if you make the choice.

Have a fantastic day

Dinah :o)

Choose a magnificent Monday

Each new week brings opportunity and new choices. How we approach the choices and challenges depends on our attitude and we can choose this too. This week, despite a challenge with my health, I am choosing a magnificent Monday.

There will always be things in our lives that are less than perfect, things that challenge us and stretch our limits. We can choose to focus on them, or we can choose to focus on the aspects of our lives that are wonderful. It may feel like we have to search hard to find them sometimes – but if we choose to make them our focus, they are there.

Today, make this a magnificent Monday and choose to focus on your positives; you’ll soon find you are better equipped to deal with the challenges too.

Dinah 🙂

Choose no limits

Another Sunday video for you today about choices and how we can choose to live a life of no limits, whatever others tell us they might be.  I watch this when I have a day where walking is just that bit too painful, or when I am overwhelmed by the effort required.  It soon helps me choose a different way of looking at things.  I hope you find it as inspirational as I do. The choice of music is wonderful too. Choose to be the extra mile for someone this Sunday.

Choose friendship

We take many things in our lives for granted, from the roof over our heads to the weekends relaxing with friends and loved ones.  Choosing to give time to our friendships can feel self-indulgent.  All too often I hear people say “I haven’t seen them for ages – life just gets in the way.”  It only gets in the way if we choose to let it.  Giving time to our friends, to listen and to share, to laugh together – and cry together – is a choice worth making.

Taking a friendship for granted is the fastest way to lose a friend.  If we choose to let our “busy lives” get in the way, then we should stop and ask why?  Are we perhaps not really interested in the relationship?  Do we not appreciate the value that our friends add to our lives?  Or are we simply choosing to focus so much on an area of our lives, we forget the strength we get from – and give to – our friends.

So, this Saturday, no matter how many jobs there are on that list, give some of your time to a friend.  A call to say “hello”, a text to say “I’m thinking of you” or even a tweet to say “you’re on my mind” can make someone’s day.  This Saturday, choose friendship.

Have a wonderful day

Dinah 🙂