Saturday Choices

Saturdays are always about choices for me.  Will I relax and recover, physically, from my week, or will I get those “little jobs” done.  You know the ones, the housework and laundry, the windows that haven’t been cleaned in an age, the car that could do with a good wash. What choice will I make, and will I allow myself to enjoy it once I’ve made it?

I spoke with a good friend last Monday and asked how her weekend had been. “I did nothing at all really, just enjoyed the spring weather in the garden and relaxed.  Gorgeous.  I felt so guilty this morning though; I didn’t do a thing & the house is a terrible mess!”  All the enjoyment of allowing herself a weekend off – and a well deserved one I might add – was washed away by mis-placed guilt.

So, this weekend, make a choice.  And once you’ve made it enjoy it.  If you choose to get the jobs done, enjoy the satisfaction and give yourself a pat on the back.  If you choose to relax, enjoy every moment and relish it; then give yourself a pat on the back too.

Whatever choice you make, have a wonder-filled Saturday.

Dinah 🙂

Choice is a habit

Habits are repeated behaviours that have become part of our routine, we do them on auto-pilot, sub-consciously or semi-consciously.  Some of them are positive and add value to our lives and others are destructive or even dangerous.  Regularly making choices that benefit us can also become a habit  – with a little practice.

Some years ago, I was struggling to accept compliments, and would usually receive them with a response along the lines of “what this old thing – it makes my bum look huge!” or “Really? I thought I could have done that job much better.”  It had become a habit to dismiss compliments.  What I had not appreciated was it was a choice.  I could choose to accept a compliment with grace – whether or not I believed it.  I could choose to take it at face value and accept it came with good intentions and sincerity.

By making this choice, I learned a new habit.  It was tricky at first; I bit my lip many times before I replied, consiously “thank you.”   Watching the positive results this created reinforced that I had made the right choice and I now enjoy my new habit – in fact I’m addicted!

What habit will you choose to start today?

My first choice is usually the right choice

You know that feeling you get about someone or something – that gut feeling that tells you “this feels right” or, on occasion “this feels wrong”; that’s your “choice mechanism”.  And more often than not, I find mine serves me well.  The trick, of course, is to learn to listen to what it’s telling us!

Inner fears and self-doubt often get in the way of that choice-mechanism.  They work hard to sabotage your attempts to connect with it and make progress.  They are threatened by the very thought of making a choice – because that could lead to …CHANGE.

We can make a choice about that voice; that repeated attempt to de-rail our own progress.  It has to be a conscious choice initially – an acknowledgment that “there I go again, on self-destruct”.  Say it to yourself – out-loud if the moment allows – when you hear that little voice saying “you can’t” “It won’t work” “yeah right!” let the voice know you mean business.  Shout right back at it “I am choosing not to listen to that. I am leaving self-destruct behind today!”

Feel silly?  Slightly uncomfortable with the idea?  GREAT!  Make that choice and go for it, you’ll feel great when you’re trusting that your first choice is usually the right choice!

Have a great day

Dinah 🙂