Herbs for your wedding flowers

herbs for your wedding

Herbs have traditionally been added to wedding bouquets for hundreds of years, not just because they look and smell pretty, but also for their medicinal properties such as the calming effect of mint or calendula teas, to help calm the nerves of the wedding party.

Myddfai has strong, historical links to the study and practice of herbalism. Indeed the Physicians of Myddfai are thought to have been some of the earliest practitioners of herbal remedies. It made perfect sense for me to take up the study of herbs, and to offer herbal wedding blessings and vow renewals to my clients.

Traditional herbs for your wedding table and bouquet

If you are considering using herbs in your flowers, whether on the tables, as an arch to walk through, in your bouquet or as button holes, they bring a wonderful extra dimension to the atmosphere with their scents. They have also been traditionally added for the benefits they were believed to bring to the happy couple. Here are just a few to give you ideas of what to include in your own flowers:

herbs for your wedding
  • LAVENDER – Love – Protection – Happiness
  • MARJORAM – Protection – Health – Love
  • DILL – Good spirits – Tolerance
  • FENNEL – Strength – Determination
  • OREGANO – Joy – Hope
  • ROSEMARY – Fidelity – Remembrance
  • SAGE – Wisdom – Long Life

Practical benefits from herbs for outdoor weddings

The herbs also bring other benefits, of course, such as including Lemon Balm if you are celebrating outside, as many insects will stay away from this herb. Adding mint to a bouquet was believed to help calm an anxious bride and Calendula helped with digestion of a large wedding breakfast.

The smell brought to the venue by the mix of herbs can also be a bonus; I have been to wedding celebrations in pubs and clubs which have smelled like a late night drink-in, and at a recent vow renewal held in such a venue, the addition of a bay leaf and rosemary arch for the guests to walk through, was a brilliant idea from the florist that transformed the experience for everyone.

Herbal smudging for weddings

Couples may have heard of herbal smudging, a technique often used to clear the air in a new home or to transform a space after a negative time for the occupants. I have also been asked by couples to perform smudging before their wedding day, to help them clear the home for a positive future together. Sage is often used for this cleansing process,  and we can create bespoke blessings for the marriage and home together too.

I am expanding my herb garden this year and plan to add several herbs for couples to add to their flowers when they come to Myddfai for their ceremony. What herbs would you love me to include?

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