Choosing “Happy”


Today I’m choosing  “Happy” as my mood.  I’m making the decision to only share positive and uplifting things today; things that make me feel happy and are likely to have the same impact on others.  Today I’m choosing not to share posts with negative headlines or those images of war that move me to tears of frustration, anger and a sense of hopelessness for the world.  Today, I choose to share only the happy things.

Is this possible?  Is this a “real” way to live?  I believe  it is a choice that has a big part to play in our overall contentment levels.  I am not a fan of the “Happy Clappy” approach – the idea that if I think only good and wonderful things then that is all that I will attract into my life.  I also believe that the only Secret to a happy life is the realisation that there is No Secret!  So, why this focus on “Happy” and how does that sit with being real about your emotions?

If I choose to focus on the positive things in my daily world, I start to notice that they far outweigh the negative things; I am lucky to be able to say that.  The truth is, if we’re not living in the war zones we’re reading about, then we are living a happy life.  Sure, we’ve got things around us that can pull us down, make us feel frustrated, hard-done-by and even depressed.  But in honesty, we are the privileged ones, the ones with “First world worries” and when we actually choose to see this, the lives we live do take on a new sense of happiness and joy.

How about it? Ready to join me an focus on Happy today?  I’d love to hear what you notice and appreciate as a result.

Warm wishes


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