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Isn’t it a wonderful picture?  Yes – it’s me.  I have never felt this way about a picture of myself before.  It was quite unexpected; I’m choosing to let myself shine and enjoying it!

The photograph was taken by the very talented @aminart – someone I met through Twitter, who brightened my timeline with his wonderful pictures and gracious, open conversation.  He inspired me to be bold, to be brave – to choose to conquer a long-term fear about pictures of myself and trust someone to capture me without making me feel uncomfortable or threatened.

We met for cup cakes (at the fabulous Sweetie Pies in Twickenham of course) and a chat, and as we got more involved in conversation I forgot my fears, my doubts, my desire to run away!  I took a choice to allow myself to shine.  To see if this man, who I could tell I could trust, would capture the Dinah my husband sees, the woman my friends see, the woman I was ready to share with them?

I asked John (my husband of 25 years) what he thought of this picture; “it’s you.” he said.  But it was the way he said it – and the rather fabulous kiss that followed, that showed me I really had chosen to let myself shine.

Our “real” photo session is next week and I’m buzzing with excitement.  Thank you Amin – you’re amazing!

Dinah x

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2 thoughts on “Choose to let yourself shine

  1. Dinah, I am so touched, am so moved reading this I felt a jitter down my spine with sheer emotion of joy and happiness. Thank you so much for your kind words.
    These are the feelings joys that make me pick up my lens and shoot, capture and freeze those moments in time for posterity.
    Time often fades memories although feelings are retained in the heart soul and mind of people but a moment captured a sound echoed has the ability to bring back every fraction of a moment lived like a swift avalanche of emotions.
    I look forward to our Monday photo shoot, stay blessed

    1. Thank you Amin, what a beautiful reply. And I know, every time I look at this picture I will remember the moment in time, our wonderful conversation and the cup cakes :)x

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