Choose to play

choose time to play to top up your tank
Mischka the happy husky

My morning has been full-on today!  Starting as always catching up with friends on Twitter which was promptly followed by two client sessions and a trip to the shops before my next client at 11.15.  It could seem overwhelming – but I still choose time for play.  Time to play with a ball (inside today) with Mischka, the Husky.  Time to just be; to relax and laugh and focus on the moment.

It can be so easy to be “busy” that we don’t allow ourselves time to play; this is a choice.  It is hard to be “hard-done-by” or “seriously overworked” when we have time to play.  And that is the point.  Choosing time  to play is just as simple as choosing to be busy. Is what you do really so important that 20 minutes of time for yourself would mean the end of the world?  I doubt it.  When we choose to give time in our day to play, we choose to make an investment in our well-being, an investment in our business and our relationships.

When I choose to play with the dog, watching her bound from one end of the sitting room to the other in pursuit of her toy,  I feel lighter, less concerned about the little things, more relaxed.  I know that my clients get the benefit from my play time, as I am focussed and positive when we speak.  Play time is good for me and for them.  My family get the benefit too, as my mood improves and my relaxation levels increase.

Choose to enjoy some playtime today – and do let me know how you spent it.


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