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When I’m having one of those days where I feel sorry for myself, I have learned there are certain things that lift my spirit, restore my self-belief and fire-me-up to challenge where I am.  These include looking at photographs of my family – like these ones

Then I phone a friend…

I’ve learned a powerful thing about wobbles – a wobble shared is a wobble that feels less overwhelming, less all-consuming.  When you share your wobble with a friend, they may not have a solution for you, but they will have a shoulder to cry on, they will listen, let you wobble and love you all the same.

I also write my “Blog I will not publish”.  I get a blank sheet of paper – or a blank screen on my ipad notes, and I write without an agenda.  No plan, no topic, no rules or political correctness.  I just write.  And when I’ve finished I read it through.  I’m often surprised by what I read; surprised at the passion and the questions that appear on the page.  Most often I’m surprised by the way the tone changes as I write, letting out feelings I’ve been locking away, exposing challenges that have been troubling or puzzling me.  And as I read, I often feel the sensation of doubt and negativity leaving me.  Draining away to be replaced by confidence and determination.

I also love to watch inspirational videos, that share WOW stories.  There are many on my “Favourites” on YouTube *WARNING watch with tissues at the ready!  Here is my favourite, which never fails to inspire me – and reduce me to tears – from Caroline Casey, and TED Talks.

What do you do to lift your mood, to restore your sense of WOW when you’re having a wobble?  I’d love you to share them here.


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4 thoughts on “Dinah’s wobble boosters

  1. A converstation with my ‘wobble’ friend never fails to help me put things into perspective – it’s also important to me that I can support her during her wobbly times too.
    Thank you for sharing Caroline Casey’s talk – what a remarkable woman – a truly inspirational speaker.

    1. I love that Christine, I have my wobble-buddies and I know we’re there for each others wobbles. Jayne often reminds me of the toy from our childhoods – the Weebles “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down” A fabulous reminder that it will pass.
      Caroline’s talk still gives me goosebumps every time.

      Dinah 🙂

  2. “Being absolutely truly yourself is freedom” That is powerful. “Although stop with the labels, we are not jam jars.” was also superb.

    1. Isn’t her language fabulous Natalie, I loved “disability is the elephant in the room” too and yes, ” stop with the labels, we are not jam jars” is stunning.

      Dinah :o)

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