Choose not to “Try”

Choose to DO not Try


“I’ll try” – what do you really mean when you say these words?  “I probably won’t”   or “I’m sure I won’t be able to”?  That’s a choice.  A choice you make regularly and without thinking.  “I’ll try to stick to it this time” becomes your mantra and your choice to accept failure, before you’ve started, pre-sets your outcome.  Today, choose not to try – choose to do.

I often wonder what “try” looks like – you either do something or you don’t, how can there be a third option?  There really isn’t; trying is not doing something, it is quitting without being honest enough to say “I’m not going to do that”.  We kid ourselves with “try” and say things like “I did my best, I really tried hard.”  The only person we’re fooling is ourselves.  And by being less than honest with ourselves, we can reinforce our own negative language – “I tried and I failed”  “I tried my best but it wasn’t good enough” messages that confirm for us our lack of worth.

Choosing not to try and choosing instead, to do or not do, is an equally easy habit to get into – you just have to make that choice and start actioning it today.  Will this be easy?  If you choose to make it, yes.  It’s a habit – and you’re already great at plenty of those!  Add a new, positive habit to your repertoire – and if you’re thinking “I could give that a try”…….

Language is key to our results, and adopting a language that is positively reinforcing rather than negatively so takes practice and patience.  No quitting, just doing it, every day – reminding ourselves constantly with positive stimulation like a favourite quote on the wall above the desk, a picture of the dream you’re working towards or simply sharing what you’re DOING with a friend or colleague will all assist you in leaving the trying behind you.

Have a fabulous Thursday

Dinah 🙂

Published by Dinah Liversidge

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One thought on “Choose not to “Try”

  1. you are so write, just do it!!1 last night i worked my but off, suddenly itr was midnight. I pretended to try not to open a bottle of wine for a glass, but i’d bloody well deserved it. I’d done A LOT and I chose to celebrate and wind down with an hour of decenant social media surfing and a lovely glass of vino rouge xxx

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