A choice for yourself

  I’ve made a choice for myself today.  A choice to give myself time with my daughter.  Time to be together and talk, share, laugh, listen, get creative – and yes, probably go shopping too!  Both Hannah and I run our own businesses and by the very nature of her work, Hannah runs the offices of several other business owners too (all achieved virtually from her home office).  It would be easy for us to choose to be too busy for our time together, so we choose to make it as important as every other part of our businesses.

Time for yourself may seem like a choice reserved for those who have already achieved success – and financial freedom.  However, it is making the choice to invest time in yourself that will allow you to achieve what you are striving for.  Working “flat out” to keep  your head above water, to find your next client, to reach that target will get results; but how long will it take until the result you get is exhaustion, burn-out and bad decisions?

Hannah and I have arranged a half-day together every other month for the year.  We’ve already scheduled all the dates in our diaries.  We look forward to our H&D Days for a good couple of weeks each time and love planning how we will spend the time together.

Choose to put some regular time for yourself in your schedule – make it as important as any other time you invest in your business.  You, after all, are your greatest asset.

Have a terrific Tuesday


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One thought on “A choice for yourself

  1. It takes about 3.5 years of not taking care of myself to burn out. Never again will I go that route. So glad to hear you are doing that for yourself, and for Hannah!!

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