Now that’s my kind of choice!

It is important to remember that choices can be fun, light-hearted and a joy to make.  I started my day with my usual choice – Lavazza Rossa or Lavazza extra creamy?  That’s my kind of choice! 😉  The second big choice of my day landed in my lap as I sat with my coffee to start #thebreakfastclub duty on Twitter – Pickle decided she wanted a cuddle and I had to choose whether to be a couple of minutes late – that’s my kind of choice!

When we acknowledge how many choices we make in a day, often on auto-pilot, we start to see how good we are at making them.  Yesterday I had a seriously tough choice – a scone with jam and cream or a chocolate cup cake – which should I choose to go with my afternoon cuppa?  I admit, the chocolate won (well, of course!) and I thoroughly enjoyed the choice.  I made that choice and I lived (happily) with the consequences.  So, surely other choices should be easy to make.

When we label a choice as “tough” or “challenging” we are making a choice to make it that way.  Looking at choices and seeing they are ours to take, at the long-term impact they will have for us and for others and at how easily we make choices which benefit us, we can choose a new approach. Every time I am presented with a choice, I say to myself “now that’s my kind of choice!” it instantly lifts my spirits and reminds me of the amazing results that are in my life because of past choices.

Enjoy your choices today

Dinah 🙂

Published by Dinah Liversidge

Independent Celebrant, helping you create a celebration of your love, life and family. Living in Myddfai, Carmarthenshire, in a woodland cottage with the love of my life and our pets, Branston Pickle and Lilly. Lover of conversation, chocolate, coffee and connecting people.

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