Audrey’s Theme

Today’s blog was inspired by Audrey Birt.  Audrey shared her theme tune for the week on my last Monday blog, and it is wonderful

It reminded me of some of the choices I have made; to do it all – someday. This sentiment connected with me in a powerful way. It’s not about putting off choices – far from it. For me, this song reminds me that I AM doing it. I’ve set myself some big challenges on my journey and chosen to rise to them, often stumbling along the way. I’ve remained clear that the choice I’m making is the right one and kept going.

Audrey herself is a woman who has had to make difficult and inspirational choices. Her blog, full of honesty and tough choices is a reminder of how precious everything we achieve, every choice we follow-through, really is. Make the choice to have a look at her blog today.

Thank you for the recommendation of this wonderful theme tune for our week Audrey – I’m choosing to listen to it every day.

Have a magnificent Monday
Dinah 🙂

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One thought on “Audrey’s Theme

  1. Thank you for your warm words Dinah, I LOVE this song. It’s so wonderfully optimistic and we all have that child still within us. I hope it inspires lots of people’s week, it is mine already!

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