Celebrating Choice

Choices are often tiny little decisions in our lives that seem, at the time, insignificant or unimportant.  It is often only once the actions of our choices have been played out that we see how important a choice truly was.  Today, I’m celebrating the choices that lead to this moment – right where I am right now.  The amazing people in my life, the wonderful clients I get to work with, the family I treasure.  The choices I made created my world, my day to day.

Every action we take in our lives requires a choice; on many levels the choices have become so automatic, that we forget to acknowledge them for what they are.  We are on auto-pilot and often missing the amazing choices we’ve taken along the way.  What choice did you start with today?  Whether or not to get out of bed, whether to be in a good mood or a grumpy one, whether to have an amazing day or a stressful one.  All choices we make before we’ve even chosen what to have for breakfast.

Take ten minutes today to acknowledge the choices you took that lead you to here.  Celebrate the tough decisions you took, the sacrifices you made, the self belief it took to get to where you are.  I’d love to know the choices you’re most proud of.

Have a fantastic day

Dinah 🙂

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