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In Monday’s blog I suggested you choose your theme tune for the week – a piece of music that helps set your mood.  Today, I would like you to add something visual to the mix.  Choose an image that helps you focus on a dream or a goal, something that connects you with a choice you made to work towards something important.

 This image is on my desktop at work and reminds me everytime I look at it of our plans to own a small woodland with a home nearby.  We strive towards this every day and make choices that impact our daily lives to help us make our dream a reality.  Having the image as something I see constantly, helps me connect with the choices and enjoy them.  We can so easily become disheartened when progress takes time and every time I look at this picture I smile and feel uplifted – and all the more determined.

What picture will you choose and where will you put it to remind you why you’ve made those important choices?

Have a wonder-filled Wednesday

Dinah 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Choose your view

  1. Well, my wife Zoe and I have created an entire ‘dream wall’ at the foot of our bed, with images of what want to have, how we want to experience life and a roughly planned itinerary of how we’re going to get …sorry… how we’re getting there! What we put up there, at first seemed to me a ludicrous act, but because I see it every night before I go to sleep and every morning on waking, I’ve now been trained to feel that everything on the wall is perfectly normal, ordinary even and perfectly achievable (Strangely, the soundtrack that chose me this week was Ordinary People). Posted on the wall behind my desk monitor, I have a photo of our dream wall and images and literature about how valuable what I do as profession is. I also have an image of our dream home set as the background image on my computer desktops, reminding me of where I’m going to be at home. It may seem like visual overload compared with a single picture, but it’s constantly inputting on a subliminal level and is always there to observe in a still moment. I’ve found it really useful in terms of training my mentality and I therefore waste less time and energy on internal conflict and lack of belief, allowing me to focus more rational efforts on a manifesting my goals. Nice blog Dinah! T.

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