Choose to put your feet up

Sometimes we struggle on when it is not the right thing to do.  Sometimes we convince ourselves that we simply “can’t miss this appointment” or that “they’ll think less of me if I take a day off”.  Sound familiar?   And when we hear this little voice in our head, we make a choice; often the one that we believe will please others, but are we pleasing – or even looking after – ourselves.

Making a choice to take time off when we are unwell is a sensible choice on many levels; I remember being sent home from work, aged 19, with a terrible cold.  “What were you thinking?” my boss asked me – and the answer was too ridiculous to say out loud! “Do you want to give everyone your cold!”  I learned an important lesson.  However, this is one of those skills we learn that stops working if we don’t use it.  If we get into the habit of pushing ourselves to go into work, or get up and do that project at home, then when we really should be putting our feet up, the choice can feel almost impossible to make.

I made that choice today.  I decided to have a day with my feet up and I know it is a good choice.  An uncomfortable choice, a difficult choice, a challenging choice and the right choice.

When did you last choose to put your feet up?

Dinah 🙂

Published by Dinah Liversidge

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