Choose to let it go

Today (April 15th 2012), Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button both lost their chance to win the Chinese Grand Prix, thanks to errors made during pit stops. Both in strong Positions at the time they made their pit stops, they saw any chance of victory slip away. And how did they choose to react? They let it go.

Despite the adrenilin pumping round their bodies, the cameras in their faces as soon as possible (in Schumacher’s case actually during the race) they stayed calm. Schumacher’s first remarks were “I just want to be sure my boys are ok and not blaming themselves. This is the name of the game.” He just chose to let it go. His maturity was noteable; indeed, I wondered if the Schumy of old would have been so willing to move on, to see that letting it go was in his own intersts.

Next time you feel like you’re about to snap, that you’ve just got to have you say, that you’re going to say something even if nobody else is, stop and ask how it serves you. What will you really achieve – other than getting the last word. Next time take a leaf out of Michael and Jenson’s book and let it go.

Have a peaceful Sunday

Dinah 🙂

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One thought on “Choose to let it go

  1. Great topic, Dinah and, for me, extremely topical! Letting go operates on two levels – the one about not saying something you might regret and the other is not to say something but letting it eat you up inside. And yet, letting go is absolutely essential both for the relationship and your own health and welbeing.

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