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Today, choose to recommend someone that matters to you. Give some time in your day to talking about them and what makes them outstanding at what they do.  It is easy, when times are hard, to focus on our own needs and wants; by choosing to focus on someone else and taking the time to recommend them, we can have a positive focus to our day.

I choose not to carry business cards; I am easy to find on-line and would rather take someone else’s card and follow up with my details.  Instead, I carry a card file with the cards of the people I value.  The people I choose to recommend.  Nothing gives me more of a buzz than the opportunity to talk about them and create opportunities for them.

Yesterday, I added a new card to my file – the card of a man who is passionate about our environment and makes stunning eco furniture.  His name is Tristan Titeux and he is changing the world’s attitude to recycling, one table at a time!  Today, I choose to recommend him – and I recommend you connect with him on Twitter.

Who will you choose to recommend today?

Have a great one,

Dinah 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Choose to recommend

  1. Thank you Dinah, you made me cry. Of joy. That is such a nice post from such an amazing giving person like you Dinah, I am pleased that you understand me! I too get a buz from helping and giving to people.

    My aim in business is to leave my customers feeling totally satisfied. At the end of a job, I am dissapointed if they are happy with what we did, I need to have exeeded their expectations, surprised them and left them feeling really positive otherwise I don’t feel like I have done my job. I do this by listening carefully to them and thinking of their needs and really showing them that I care about the outcome of their fitted furniture, I take it really personally and only suggest things I would be happy doing for myself. In turn that gives me the satisfaction I need to thrive.

    Yesterday I was listening to Dale Carnegie in the car, “Stop worrying and start living” (I recommend it to anyone) and I thought of this when I read your first paragraph where you say that when you are having a hard time or feeling low about yourself. Dale Carnegie said, to stop thinking and worrying about yourself, go and do at least one good thing to please someone else and you will soon forget about your worries!

    Thanks for a great start to my day Dinah, like I told your daughter the first time I met her about you, before I met you “you are an amazing parent”

    Tristan Titeux

  2. Love it Dinah, so true, and it can also mean that you then are on their radar too.

    I recently received a beautiful bunch of flowers (with my favourite sunflowers in them) why? Because of how many times I had recommended a fantastic painting company (colour and craft – ) I think they are fantastic, and I know they do a great job, but getting those flowers made me want to recommend them even more. So, another suggestion – when someone recommends you, what do you do? A simple card, flowers or a book voucher (that I got from another great business, New Media Angels – Think of how you’d feel when you receive a thank you for recommending someone, wouldn’t that make you want to do it more?

    Fantastic blog as always Dinah, love that you don’t take your own cards but you have others 🙂

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