Choose to learn

When did you last learn something new?  Not just a new idea that you overheard in good conversation, but real learning of a new skill or learning how to become great at something you’re good at?  This week, I am choosing to spend two days on a Social Media programme – learning new skills and improving existing ones.  I choose to learn to allow me to grow, to embrace new ideas that will help my business or personal growth.

We have to make a choice to learn and make it part of our routine.  I often hear people talking about budget cut-backs at the moment, and Training and Development are so often impacted.  Seems ironic to me.  If we choose to learn from our challenges and mistakes along our journey, we can learn not to repeat them – and here we are cutting back on learning.

Choose to learn and you choose to evolve, to move with the challenging times and embrace new opportunities and possibilities.  Making learning part of our routine ensures we give it time in our schedules.  Will I have to catch up on work because I’m out of the office for two days? Of course!  Is it worth it?  Yes.  I’m in month two of a three month programme and am already seeing results.  I’m choosing learning.

Have a great day

Dinah 🙂

P.S. The fabulous Social Media programme I am on is here & well worth choosing!

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