Choose to enjoy your four day week

We just had a lovely long weekend in the UK.  Fabulously relaxing and four days of time for ourselves.  Feeling refreshed?  This time, choose to continue with that feeling; rather than returning to work today and fretting about how much you now have to do in a four day week – enjoy it.  Allow all the positive feelings you created to continue through the rest of your week.

We can choose this.  Being “busy” is a choice.  You had to say “yes” to things to be busy with them; you had to choose to take something on for it to occupy your time.  You can choose to tell someone that you have enough on and the extra thing will need to be done by someone else – yes – you can.  If you choose to.

So, this four day week, choose to enjoy how positive you feel and let everyone around you enjoy it to.

Have an empowering Tuesday

Dinah 🙂

Published by Dinah Liversidge

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One thought on “Choose to enjoy your four day week

  1. Dinah
    Very well put even if you message is blindingly obvious. Also interesting how few really important things there can be to do and what a relief when you get them done early in the day.

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