Choose less – enjoy more

I felt slighlty sick as I watched the trolleys in my local supermarket yesterday; had someone forgotten to tell me of some major crisis?  Had I missed my chance to supply my family by not grabbing every last morsel off the shelves?  Would we be destined to starve?  Luckily, it was simply the long weekend and there was no reason to panic.

The amount of food people purchased, for a long weekend – just four days – struck me as a rather disturbing choice.  We have been aware of the amount of food waste that is created by over-purchasing in the UK and make a conscious effort to eat what we buy.  The choice to fill a trolley to the brim, to purchase food that is unlikely to see the light of day strikes me as a sad reflection on society.

This long weekend, I choose to buy less and enjoy more.  To spend more time in the garden and with my family,  to spend more time enjoying a good book and the wonderful sunshine.    I choose to look at my watch less and enjoy every minute of the day.  I choose to worry less about the cleanliness of the floor and enjoy the dogs bounding in and out with their toys. I can choose less and enjoy more.

Enjoy your long weekend,

Dinah 🙂

Published by Dinah Liversidge

Independent Celebrant, helping you create a celebration of your love, life and family. Living in Myddfai, Carmarthenshire, in a woodland cottage with the love of my life and our pets, Branston Pickle and Lilly. Lover of conversation, chocolate, coffee and connecting people.

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