Challenge your choices

“I made my choice and I’m sticking with it” a sentiment that seems determined and brave; however, there are times when sticking with a choice we have made does not serve us.  Taking a review and challenging the choices we have made can lead to new, exciting possibilities.

It can be tempting to think of this as giving up, or quitting.  That is not the type of review I am talking about!  When we make a choice and it is not serving us, we are not quitting – far from it; we are making a new and brave choice to look at how to change something.  Change that will be positive for ourselves.

Last year I made a choice to deliver a series of workshops with a collaboration partner.  I loved delivering training with another person, so rewarding.  And so tiring!  I had not considered the physical impact that a whole day on my feet really has on me.  So at the end of last year, I challenged this choice.  I made a new choice, to stop presenting workshops.  A choice to be kinder to me.  A good choice.

Challenge your choices and see how well they are serving you.  Start with that choice you made to work over this long weekend – are you sure that choice is the right one?

Have a fabulous day

Dinah 🙂

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