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How often do you hear people talking about great ideas and then talking some more and some more…. Making a choice to take action is what creates results and turns great ideas into reality.  Making choices can be the stumbling block that prevents so many great ideas from reaching their potential.  So often they are prevented by our fears of failure or even fears of success.  Making choices to action ideas requires determination, commitment and being a bit brave!

This week, a group of five boys – Mattie, Ethan, Reuben, Jacob and Joel ( and their Mum, Ruth) – made a choice about a great idea they’d had.  They love to bake with their mum and also to forrage for wild ingredients and grow their own too.  They had a great idea, to start a blog where they could share their experiences and love of cooking and food with other kids of their age.  A blog by kids, for kids.  And it’s brilliant!  They launched yesterday and you can see their fab recipe for Granola here.

They made a choice, a choice to take that idea and do something about it.  A brave and public choice that required effort and commitment.  I find it inspirational.  Five Boys Bake is a great idea and deserves our support because they made a choice and took action.  Congratulations on a great blog boys, I love your choice.

Have a wonderful day

Dinah :o)

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2 thoughts on “Choose to do it!

  1. Wow, not often I am stuck for words, but thank you :0) Here are the boys comments too
    Ethan-Thank you, that was amazing, Reuben-Thank you very much, Mattie-Thank you for the nice things that you said, Jacob-Thank you, it made me smile and Joely, well Joel is poorly today so is giving cuddles as I type. Making the choice to write and let them write for this blog was hard because of the fear of opening myself and them to people’s opinions, however, we talked about how people would read it and it might make just one person smile and that making a difference to just one person was enough reasonn to try… so after your encouragement and knowing we would be supported by the amazing people at #thebreakfastclub we made the choice to try, the choice to see what happens and the choice to keep going. Thank you for helping us to choose positivity instead of sitting with doubt

    1. Thank you all – what a fabulous resonse! I am thrilled that you went ahead and made the choice – you have already achieved your target because you made me smile twice today!!
      Keep up the great work boys (and Mum!)
      Dinah x

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