Choose a positive “NO”

Saying “no” to people can feel uncomfortable – or even impossible, largely because we see it as a negative response.  We can choose to see it as a positive when we look at it from a different perspective.  It is a choice and one we can make more easily when we understand that a “no” can be a “yes” for  ourselves.

What really prevents you from saying “no” when you want to?  What makes you take the choice to say “yes” when you know it is the wrong answer for YOU?  You do!  You make the choice every time, fulled by the voice in your head telling you “they won’t be my friend anymore if I say no” or “they won’t want me on the team if I say no”.  So how’s it going for you – listening to that little voice and taking on more and more?  Serving you well? I thought not.

So today, make a choice to say  “no” to something and “yes” to yourself.  Choose to be brave and honest and stand up for the most importat person in your world – YOU.  It’s a strange feeling, and one you will grow to enjoy if you make the choice.

Have a fantastic day

Dinah :o)

One thought on “Choose a positive “NO”

  1. I’ve been making a few ‘No’ choices lately and they are not meant to be delivered with negativity but with my choice to say yes to me, my knowledge or my gut. Thanks for sharing a positive ‘no’ blog Dinah.

    Jayne x

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