Choose friendship

We take many things in our lives for granted, from the roof over our heads to the weekends relaxing with friends and loved ones.  Choosing to give time to our friendships can feel self-indulgent.  All too often I hear people say “I haven’t seen them for ages – life just gets in the way.”  It only gets in the way if we choose to let it.  Giving time to our friends, to listen and to share, to laugh together – and cry together – is a choice worth making.

Taking a friendship for granted is the fastest way to lose a friend.  If we choose to let our “busy lives” get in the way, then we should stop and ask why?  Are we perhaps not really interested in the relationship?  Do we not appreciate the value that our friends add to our lives?  Or are we simply choosing to focus so much on an area of our lives, we forget the strength we get from – and give to – our friends.

So, this Saturday, no matter how many jobs there are on that list, give some of your time to a friend.  A call to say “hello”, a text to say “I’m thinking of you” or even a tweet to say “you’re on my mind” can make someone’s day.  This Saturday, choose friendship.

Have a wonderful day

Dinah 🙂

Published by Dinah Liversidge

Independent Celebrant, helping you create a celebration of your love, life and family. Living in Myddfai, Carmarthenshire, in a woodland cottage with the love of my life and our pets, Branston Pickle and Lilly. Lover of conversation, chocolate, coffee and connecting people.

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