Choosing Accountability

Making choices and sticking to them takes commitment.  It is so easy to doubt ourselves and talk ourselves out of choices as we listen to those old voices inside, telling us we can’t or we won’t.  A great way to stick to our choices is to get accountability for them.  An accountability buddy that we share our plans with who will encourage us and keep us accountable when we wobble on our journey of choice.

When I am committed to a choice I make, the first thing I do is tell someone about it.  By sharing my choices I am putting accountability in place that I believe gives me an extra drive to succeed.  It also provides support as we get used to our choices; there can be times when we doubt our choices, or ourselves, and having that accountability buddy means  we can share our fears and re-establish our commitment.

Make yourself accountable with someone who is likely to support and encourage you – the choice of your accountability buddy is crucial; there is little point in asking someone to support you who shows a lack of commitment to their own choices.  Set yourself up to succeed and ask someone you respect for their ability to see things through.

Enjoy your weekend, and I’d love to know how you are choosing to be accountable.

Dinah 🙂

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