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Putting others first is a behaviour we are told is a positive one from a very early age.  Learning to share, and to give the best bit of cake at tea to your visitors was seen as good manners in my house.  Choosing to give up our seat on the bus to someone in greater need, without waiting for them to ask, or holding a door open for someone with their hands full are certainly positive choices.

So what happens when all your choices are about putting others first?  When the choices you make focus so much on others that you are suffering as a result?  When you choose to put others above yourself on a regular basis, you choose to put yourself at the bottom of the list.  Making a choice for your benefit can feel uncomfortable and even selfish.  When you have chosen not to choose you, it can be a tough habit to change.

A great way to start is to make some ME TIME in your diary; it can be as little as 20 minutes in your day.  Time to do something for yourself – from a cuppa in the garden to a brisk walk round the block; time with your feet up and a good book or a chat on Twitter with a glass of something chilled.  Already telling yourself you haven’t got the time?  Seriously?  You can choose to give yourself that time.  It is in your hands and it is simply about choice.

I would love to know what you choose to do for YOU today.

Dinah 🙂

Published by Dinah Liversidge

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