Choose it or lose it!

I am driven by dreams; language that has more meaning for me than goals or objectives.  I choose to set big dreams for myself, with lots of little day-dreams along the way to mark achievement and points of interest along the route.  I spend a good deal of time thinking about these dreams and focussing on how I am making them real.  I choose to do this even when it feels difficult.  I choose to remind myself of my dreams everyday and to make progress towards them

Choosing to embrace our dreams and take action towards them is what makes them a reality.  If I don’t choose to take ownership for making my dream a reality, I will loose the dream.

Choose to make real action on one of your dreams today.  A good place to start is to focus on why it is a dream; what are your motives behind this choice?  Get comfortable with the big picture before you focus on the little choices you can make to get you started on the journey.

Have a wonderful day,

Dinah 🙂

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