Stand by your choices

The choices we make for ourselves are not always going to appeal to others. There may be times when people don’t understand or approve of the choices we make. Friends and family may question us on our choice and attempt to convince us that the choice we are making is the wrong one. Perhaps they are really telling us simply that it would not be the choice they would make.

Sometimes, they could be right; they could have a perspective that allows them to see what we do not.  They could have only our “best interests” at heart. They might prevent us from making a dangerous or damaging choice.

Sometimes they will simply be uncomfortable with our choice for their own reasons. Choice leads to change and change can be uncomfortable. The choices you make are about you, your life, your situations. When you share them with others, they may well be aware of the choices they are not making, or the changes they would like to make. Their fear is about their life and their regrets, not yours.

So when you are sure about your choice, don’t quit because it isn’t what someone else would choose; stand by your choice and stick with it. Seeking approval of our choices from others is often our own form of self sabotage – if we can find enough people who think it’s a bad choice, we can justify walking away and returning to old behaviours.

Today, have the courage to make a choice and stand by it, to make it for your reasons and have the courage to make it without the approval of others

Have  a fabulous Friday

Dinah 🙂


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