Are your choices good for you?

“I said I would do it so I’m doing it” my friend told me as I helped her with the blisters on her feet at the weekend.  She has been training for a 10K run for charity and her feet are a wreck!  She is a determined lady; someone who is proud of making tough choices in life and sticking to them.

Indeed, this approach has got her through some tough times.  Really tough times.  It has served her well as she made the choice to beat Cancer – twice; she made the choice for her autistic son that she had a better way than the system, and home-schooled him.  She is great at taking ownership of every situation with choice and determination.

Sometimes however, even super-woman, or super-man, deserves a break.  Sometimes, accepting that we made a choice that is the wrong one for us, requires even more determination.

“I don’t do quitting!” she told me, when I suggested that this choice might not be the best choice for her.
“I’ve never quit on anything in my life and I’m not going to start now!” She proclaimed, tears of pain and frustration running down her cheeks.

Choices can change; and this does not have to mean “I QUIT!”  Reviewing the choices we make, and asking ourselves “does this serve me?  Is it a good choice for me?” are vital to success.

I got a call from my friend last night and she told me she had made a choice,
“I’ve spoken to the organisers and I’m going to be part of the support crew; I’ll be on my bike following the runners and providing first aid. Good choice don’t you think?”

Like I said, she’s an amazing woman and she embraces choice.  Take a look at how well your choices are serving you and whether it’s time to make some new ones.

Have a great day

Dinah 🙂

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