Choose your mood for the week

As Monday beckons, what mood will you choose for your week ahead?  Will you have a week driven by positivity and promise?  Perhaps a week to be bold and flirtatious or shy and alluring?  How about innovative and perceptive?  They all sound good to me, yet so often the anticipation of Monday morning impacts our moods with less than inspirational promise.

This Sunday choose your mood.  Take a look at your week ahead, (go on, grab your calendar) and focus on the highlights.  What impact will they have on your mood?  Have you got a meeting with a great client or colleague to look forward to?  Perhaps you’ve got time scheduled for social media with people who make you smile or a fabulous work-out session planned.  This can be the mood you choose for your week.  We can make that choice, and we can stick to it.

What mood are you choosing for the week ahead?  I’m going with inspired and enthusiastic.

Dinah 🙂

Published by Dinah Liversidge

Independent Celebrant, helping you create a celebration of your love, life and family. Living in Myddfai, Carmarthenshire, in a woodland cottage with the love of my life and our pets, Branston Pickle and Lilly. Lover of conversation, chocolate, coffee and connecting people.

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